Saturday, April 21, 2012

Childrens Auction

This one is a little long, so if you need to make it quick, just read the part title The Tool Chests, k?

Ok, so this was like a way long time ago, but we went to our old church's Children's Auction.  No, they don't auction off children, but they do auction off items and the money goes to fund their children's ministry.

The Silent Auction
Well, this was my very first live auction and I was super duper excited!! First there was the silent auction.  It was made up of about twenty tables with 5 - 10 items on each.  I went through each and every table and bid on random stuff, just to get things started, ya know?

I passed this little denim make up bag and just kept going.  Then, on my second go around I saw some of that plastic Easter grass sticking out of it, so I took a peek and it was full of Mary Kay make up.  Not samples, but full sized stuff, and all in my colors! Yeah, that denim bag was MINE!

The Mini-Auction
Shortly later I saw it.  The perfect floor lamp for our apartment.  You see, it, the apartment not the lamp, was built at that time when it wasn't popular to have lighting build into the ceiling.  I firmly believe it was a conspiracy started by the lamp companies and Illuminati (Get it? Illuminate and lamps? wocka wocka!), but they eventually lost power (the lamp companies, not the Illuminati). 

Anyway... that lamp wasn't near a table and didn't have any where to sign up for a silent bid, and I wanted it bad, so I found someone to figure it out.  It had been added to one of the mini-auctions.  Basically, like every 15 minutes they would do a mini-auction with a real auctioneer! It was perfect!  I was so excited to actually bid on something LIVE, lol!

I cleared my maximum bid with Teej and waited.  I got it! For half of my max bid! I mean, I was totally the only one to bid on it, but it was still exciting!

The LIVE Auction
So after all of the silent auctions had ended and the last mini-auction was completed, we all moved into the auditorium for the LIVE auction which is where I learned the rule to live by when it comes to auctions: "It's easier to ask for forgiveness rather than permission."  At which point Teej and I make eye contact and shake our heads telling each other it's not true, lol!

I had my eye on a Coach purse and a pretty cameo ring.  Teej wanted to bid on a set of bright red tool chests.  We discussed what our bids would be, knowing perfectly well that we wouldn't get any of it, but we wanted to bid just the same.  Now every bidder has to ask themselves if it's worth the risk of bidding just for the fun of it if you might actually have to pay up if you no one else bids.  Well, we worried for no reason because NONE of those items started at or below our bids.  But it was still fun to watch, especially those tool chests.

The Tool Chests
So we're sitting in the second row and the bidding starts for the tool chests that Teej is basically drooling over. It is way more than we had agreed on so he never got to bid.  And we didn't really pay attention to who else was bidding because it didn't really matter...they weren't going home with us.  And then it was over and TJ turns around to see who got to take those beauties home.  His grandfather had the biggest grin on his face.  He knew Teej wanted them so he made sure to be the highest bidder (He's the best!).  The guy he was bidding against realized what was going on after a few go-arounds and stopped bidding once he did.  They were Teej's! He was so happy and I was so happy for him! So now we have a set of pretty red tool chests in our living room.  

That's room.  
Because we don't have a garage.  
Because we live in an apartment.  
On the second floor. 
But that's all good.  
Teej is so happy and so am I! 

The Murder Mystery
This is really going to be a longer post later, but at the auction they sold tickets to their annual Murder Mystery Dinner Theater.  It's called Death and Diamonds and its set at a wedding between a rich, classy family and a hillbilly, redneck family.  When you purchased the ticket you received an invitation telling you which family you belonged to, and therefore how you should dress.  We are supposed to be rednecks! lol, so that's a post to look forward to in the future. 

Thanks for reading!! 


  1. THE ILLUMINATI!!! ahhhh!!! hahahahahaha. I'm dying over that little tid bit and comparison you made with them and lamp companies. You know I'm a sucker for anything illuminati. LOL.

    1. LOL, me too! I imagine they will be a common 'random thought' on this blog, :)


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