Friday, May 25, 2012

Emi-Loo-Who's Golden Birthday!

So my Lil SIL, who shall be blog-named Emi-Loo-Who, turned 11 years old on May 11th!   We celebrated with her the day before. And here are some pics to prove it! LOL

This kid makes the best faces: 

Way excited for a Password Journal.  
Gotta' say that I totally understand this - I loved mine back in the day!

Awesome books for the Summer.  
She requested a book of Devotions and a Prayer Journal.  
So excited to see where this young lady of God goes in life!

 A few more Emi-Loo-Who faces:

Teej and I got her 11 gifts of 11 things.  
One of which was Reese's Cups, which the whole family loves. 

Hence why she has this super protective face on for this next pic.
And our big-spender item: 11 Dollars. 

 Emi-Loo-Who and another 11 gift: 11 Ramen.  This kid seriously loooves ramen. 
She's gonna loooove college.

All together her 11 of 11 gifs were: 
11 pennies
11 nickels
11 dimes
11 quarters
11 dollars
11 pages of stickers
11 packets of Kool-aid
11 Ramen
11 Reese's
11 Colored Pencils
11 Hugs (a juice drink)

And now Family Pics :)

Emi-Loo-Who, Becks, and Johnny Wonny (Em's name for him)

Momma D and Emi-Loo-Who

And us with the beautiful Birthday Girl!!


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