Saturday, June 23, 2012

Books 6, 7, and 8 of 50: The Inkheart Trilogy by Cornelia Funke

Next, I was ready for another series.  If you can't tell yet, I love fantasy series.

I had heard about this a while ago when I watched the movie with some friends.  The movie came out in 2008.  I have no idea when we watched it.  Oh, and only the first book made it to film.  I guess it didn't do well at the box office or maybe fans shut it down, but I liked it enough to want to read the books.

Well, I'm glad that I've read them and now I know that they aren't really worth it.  There, I said it.

Ok, before I go telling you what I think of them, I might as well tell you what they're about.

Everyone once in a while a person is born in our world with a special ability to read things to life. Something in their voice draws people out of their home story and into ours.  But something from our world must go to their story in exchange, and the reader doesn't have a choice of what is taken.

The first of the three, Inkheart, follows a dad who has lost his wife in exchange for a fire-breathing man and two villains who came out of the book called Inkheart.  I know, that confusing.  He has since refused to read anything aloud to his daughter who has grown up thinking that her mother died.  But their world is changed when the villains kidnap dad and daughter because they want something specific read into this world, something bad.  SPOILER: In the end, good wins.  The evil people get sent back to their original story. But not all of them.

The second of the three, Inkspell, chronicles more of the Inkheart world and less of ours.  Why? Because the villains who are left make everyone go into the other world.   A bunch of not really interesting stuff happens and its dragged out over about 600 pages. There's a bad guy and a good guy and they fight.

The third of the three, Inkdeath, was my favorite.  This is where the characters must choose a world to live in because they can't go back and forth.  I guess this may have been my favorite because it was ending.  There was a giant and a love story which makes everything better.

I would not recommend this series to anyone.  Unless they want to be bored.  It just doesn't compare to others out there.  Now, I do want to give a disclaimer: this book was translated to English from German, so maybe something got lost in translation.  If you read them, please let me know what you think. :)

I would also like to point out that this blog confirms that I'm not just going to tell my readers that I like everything.  I'll tell you the truth. :)

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