Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Christmas in May - Emi-Loo-Who Goes to the Zoo

These events occurred on May 28, 2012.

Warning: Picture Overload

So way back in December 2011, TJ and I gave Emi-Loo-Who an unusual gift.  We gave her a card saying that she had one year to pick anything she wanted to do, within reason, and we would make it happen (with a week's notice, of course).  Oh, and it was in a small, wrapped box that was in a bigger, wrapped box, that was in a bigger, wrapped box, etc.  It was so much fun watching her open it! :) 

Five months later, she picked the zoo.  And I'm so glad she did! It was very fun and we all enjoyed our time there. And here are some pics to prove it.   :)

So these aren't necessarily in order of when we did what, but I grouped them in People Pics and Animal Pics, because that makes sense to me. 

People Pics
Emi wanted a pic with the Rhino.

TJ getting a closer look at the giraffes and zebras. 
Emi and me waiting in line to FEED THE GIRAFFES!
Umm..she's almost as tall as me. Not cool.
I unintentionally stood in front of Emi, so there are no pics of her feeding Bogey.
Also, I feel like this woman totally photo-bombed my pic.
This was soooo fun! And we each got a pin saying "I fed the giraffes" at the end!
Emi-Loo-Who and her Bubba. :)
The hottest couple at the park that day ;)
Emi did not think the statues were as cool as I did.
But I made her stand by them any way. 
Ok, so I totally thought that pics like this were the only reason to make a sign of an eagle's wings.
Emi agreed.
TJ did not.
Oh well.
Apparently they used to have water fountains like this all over the park.
IDK why they don't now.  Stupid waterborne diseases.
Emi in jail behind an old bear cage.
Emi and the Elephants!! And Ellie, her elephant shaped grabber thingy.

Aww, cute brother-sister pics :)

Animal Pics

How freakin' awesome does this pic look?
Totally ready for a cool title in the corner.
Winnie the Pooh.
This is 'Merica ya'll.  

Alligators.  Emi hates alligators.
Learn something new every day.
That's a seal.  I think.

The newest elephant addition, a male named Rex.
He poops big. 

We basically saw every animal there was, even if I didn't get a pic of each one.  It was a little crowded but not too bad.  People with strollers think they own the road though, but maybe that's how it should be.  

We ate in the air-conditioned restaurant and it was totally worth the walk back to the front of the zoo.  No insects buzzing around, a chance to cool down, and icees!

Oh, and I totally got Emi hooked on pressed pennies because those machines are all over the zoo.  Ya know, those machines that press your pennies with different pictures so you can never legally spend it again and it costs 50 cents?  Yeah, those.  I love those.  And now, so does she. 

K, that's all. Bye now.


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