Monday, June 4, 2012

June Celebrations

I am totally stealing this idea from Megan at Home Sweet 'Homa. Her blog is so adorable; go check it out!

Happy 1st Anniversary to Becky and John!! 

Love them both! Becky was a bridesmaid in my wedding and John was my ring bearer (you read it right)! Becky is my husband's sister, so that makes us in-laws! :) Which means you will read this every year, lol.  I'm so excited for them and wish them the best in all the years to come!  Becky's blog is at The Life of Mrs. Gorton :)


Happy 1st Birthday to Haddles McPaddles!!!

No, that's not her real name, but it is so much fun to say and she is such a fun baby!  We love her soooo much and can't wait to celebrate with her!! Her mommy, one of my BFFs (do people still say BFF?), Heather has a blog at Little Precious Moments in Time and you should read it all the time, like me!

And Happy Birthday to Haddles' Dad, Lee!


Happy Birthday to Anna!

Anna (pronounced On-Uh) is my sister-in-law; she married my older brother Richard.  The pic on the left is her in her absolutely gorgeous wedding dress and the pic on the right is your sneak peak at the triplets! That's right...TRIPLETS! From left to right: Leah, Noah, and Jonah!


Last but not least, Happy Father's Day!

My handsome dad Carl.  This is his first father's day as a Grandpa!! Love you Dad!

TJ's Dad, Tracy Sr.  Happy Father's Day Tracy!!

TJ's maternal grandpa, Herman.  Happy Father's day!

TJ's paternal grandpa, Troy.  He's the cookie monster - Love this pic!
Happy Father's day!

And the newest member of the Father's day group - my brother, Richard (the guy in the middle).  Congrats bubba! Happy 1st Father's day!


So that's my first attempt at monthly celebrations.  Hope I didn't forget anyone!! Love you all!

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  1. Oh how sweet. I just saw this post. I like celebration posts.


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