Saturday, July 7, 2012

Book 10 of 50: He Chose the Nails by Max Lucado

Book description:
"The wood. The thorns. The nails. Christ's sacrifice has defined the very essence of mankind's faith for the past 2000 years. And now, Max Lucado invites you to examine the cross, contemplate its purpose, and celebrate its significance with He Chose the Nails. With his warm, caring style, Max examines the symbols surrounding Christ's crucifixion, revealing the claims of the cross and asserting that if they are true, then Christianity itself is true. The supporting evidence either makes the cross the single biggest hoax of all time, or the hope of all humanity."

My description:
Ok, so the first Max Lucado book I read, When God Whispers Your Name, didn't quite live up the Max Lucado reputation.  I mean, it was about Jesus, and it was inspirational, but ... it just wasn't what I thought it would be.

So I thought I would give him another chance.

I really liked how this book took a deeper look at the various parts of the crucifixion.  There's a lot that can be missed when the small details are ignored.

But... I don't really know where he got these things.  He writes very eloquently and smoothly and uses Bible verses throughout, but I still felt that I was reading his interpretation of it all.  And what else is a book, even one about the Bible, except the author's interpretation?  So maybe it doesn't mean anything. I was just very skeptical and hesitant to accept it all as God's truth.  Someone else could look at these details and see some other symbolism.

It just wasn't my kind of book.

I didn't feel challenged.

And nothing really stood out to me.  Nothing stuck with me.  As I write this I barely remember the book.

So there ya go.

If you have a different opinion of this book, please let me know.  Maybe I need to give it a second look...

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