Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Happy Birthday TJ!

This is my favorite picture of us.
And maybe my favorite picture of you.
Because I'm in it.
And so are you.
And we're together.
The way it should be.

I love you my dearest
My sweetie pie
My snookums.

You are my best friend
My shoulder to cry on
My enduring listener.

You are my first thought 
My biggest source of worry
and fear
Of losing you.

Here's the part
where you say
"Don't fret."
So I don't.

You are my husband
My lover
My encourager
My secret-keeper
My companion.

You drive because I hate to
You eat all the cherry flavored things
You share your pizza with me

and I am forever grateful
Because you chose me
And you've never turned back.

And neither will I.

Forever means forever.

I'll love you forever.

Happy birthday, 
young 'un.
How old are you again?

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