Monday, July 9, 2012

Pinterest Project: Plastic Bags To-Go

I know, I know. "Another pinterest project, Kelly?!" Overachiever... I get it.

So I'm a big fan of saving the earth and making the world a cleaner, better place for all the babies in my life.  I love to reuse things and one of the easiest things to reuse is a plastic bag, like the ones you get from walmart or target [or everywhere].

I mean you can use them to line a small trash can in the home [we do this in two rooms currently] OR as a trash bag in the car [my personal favorite] OR a quick lunch sack [we each do this every day] OR packing material for fragile items to be mailed [I've done this at least twice] OR using a bag to hold wet clothes such as a swimsuit [I will be using this a lot at camp this summer].

So when I saw this idea on the Pin Place, I knew it was one I would actually do.

Here's the idea:

It's pretty simple.  And it actually reuses TWO things - the plastic bags and the plastic container... Yay for you and saving the world!! :)

Here's a link to the original source: Embellished Grocery Bag Container at TaterTots and Jello

I'm not going to retype everything or show you my steps because I just did what it said.

Well, except...

I didn't decorate it.   So mine looks like this. 

Yep, there's one of those rolling around in the back of my car somewhere.  I put mine in the car because that's where I tend to not have a plastic bag handy. 

Oh, and if you actually check out that link, you will see that in step 6, she took the lid off.  I didn't notice this little detail and tried to push the dozen or so bags into the container....didn't work.  
Don't try it.

And here's the only downfall to this trick: it doesn't really fit anywhere in my car, like in a cup holder or in the door pocket.  So it's literally just rolling around in the floor boards of the backseat.  And sometimes its hard to find.

So there you have it.  A quick and easy pinterest project that uses things you already have, a few minutes of your time [seriously, it took like 10 minutes], and you save the world.  Yay you!!

What pinterest project are you going to do?

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