Monday, April 22, 2013

My Favorite TV Shows

Guilty Pleasure: The Carrie Diaries

I loved the original and I love the prequel. I watched it every Monday and I really hope it was renewed for a second season!!

Side Bar: I HATE the whole Sebastian and Carrie thing. Come on Carrie...move on!

Animated: Bob's Burgers

This is the best animated show ever. Louise is my favorite, although Tina is pretty awesome as well. I also love how Bob and Linda are so supportive of their children and each other. 

Drama: Walking Dead/The Following

We just started watching during the most recent season. It is very interesting and full of dynamic characters. I will admit that I burnt myself out on it by watching a marathon leading up the season finale. 

I'm watching this as I write this. It is very disturbing, but also addicting due to its complexity. I'm still trying to figure out who all is in the could be anybody! Can't wait for next week's season finale!

Reality TV: Duck Dynasty

Who doesn't love this show? It is good, clean fun! Jase just has a perfect dean pan delivery and Si is everyone's crazy, old uncle! You should definitely watch it if you have a change :)


Of honorable mention are: New Girl and Big Bang Theory :)

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