Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Difference

I am participating in a Women's Bible Study at my church.

He Speaks to Me by Pricilla Shirer

Today's lesson was focused on God's Priorities. I was asked how I prepare to worship God through spending time with him.

Well, I go to church on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights, although I [occasionally] show up late, or just on time, and rarely stay afterwards to socialize.

I bring my Bible and a journal to take notes on the sermon or study of the day.

I journal on a pretty regular basis and read the Bible [almost] daily.

I really thought I was doing pretty well.


[Confession: I compared myself to others and even felt smug, because I rarely see others going so far as to take notes. Lord, humble me.]

James 4:10 "Humble yourself before the Lord and He will lift you up."

[Don't think I'm so cool because I quoted Scripture --- It was from one of last week's studies.]

Back to the story...

I really thought I was doing pretty well. Sure, there's always room for improvement.

And then, I was asked to rate my preparedness to worship on a scale, from "Just Show Up" to "Prepare Prayerfully."

Prepare prayerfullyNo, I admit that I don't do that.

So what of the other stuff I do?

So what of attending church, if I don't ask to meet God there?

Without God, it's just a building.

So what of reading His Word, if I don't ask for the wisdom to understand it's meaning?

Without God, it's just a book.

So what of personal journals or sermon notes, if I don't ask God to teach the lesson?

Without God, it's just scribbles on paper.

And more ...

So what if I work hard at my occupation, if I don't ask God to use it for something more?

Without God, it is pointless.

So what if I seek to be the best wife possible to my husband, if I don't look to God to define love?

Without God, we're only really good roommates-with-benefits.

God makes the difference and one of the tools He gave us is prayer, which I have, unfortunately, disregarded in my pursuit of Him.

Previously, I was unaware of what was missing, but conscious that something was astray.

Of course I knew about prayer and I have prayed before today's lesson, but I never thought of it as a way to prepare for worship. That thought, that new perspective, that additional facet of understanding the power of prayer, has really been on my mind today. And I think it will make a difference, if I put it into practice, which I intend to do.

I just wanted to share that with you.

Thanks for listening!

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