Monday, August 27, 2012

30 Day Challenge - Day 8 - What You Ate Today

Day 8 - What You Ate Today


You're going to make me type it out for all the world to see?  

I guess I've had this coming for a long time....

For Breakfast, which I try never to skip, my sweet husband made me a piece of buttered toast.  I also drank a Chocolate Slimfast shake on the way to work.  That's it.

For a mid-day snack I ate a 4 pack of peanut butter crackers.

At lunchtime I ate a turkey and cheese sandwich, cheesy nacho doritos, and oreos.  Oh, and my boss brought me a piece of berry cake from Pink Elephant. And Coke. 

For dinner, we ate Little Caesar's pepperoni pizza, cheesy italian bread and marinara sauce.  Oh and Mtn. Dew. 

So that's not good.

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