Friday, August 17, 2012

Blog Post Inspiration - 30 Day Challenge

Well, I'm experiencing writer's block when it comes to this blog so I have decided to participate in a 30 day challenge. 

I originally found this on Pinterest but when I clicked to follow the link, it led to no where.  If this is yours, let me know because I want to give credit where it's due.

So here's to Day 1: Five Ways to Win My Heart (In no particular order)

1) Have musical talent.  Everyone I've ever dated has had some sort of musical ability.  I think its because I lack any musical gift whatsoever that I am strongly attracted to those who are gifted in that way.  Also, many of my friends can sing or play as well. 

2) Allow me to be me.  Don't pressure me into being someone I'm not (don't tell me to be happy when I'm upset or try to make me like Harry Potter less or be any more outgoing than I already am).  And don't put me on a pedestal of perfection.  I make mistakes and fail regularly, and I can't truly trust someone who can't accept that about me ... or themselves (see #3). 

3) Take criticism well. Everyone makes mistakes, including you.  So don't be surprised and don't jump to being defensive when someone points out a way you can grow.  I can't have a friendship with someone who can't handle constructive criticism.  And yes, I can take it too. 

4) Be direct. Passive Aggressive-ness is for the birds.  You got a problem? Tell me about it.  I don't pick up on hints and I'm not going to try.  You have a mouth and the ability to communicate so take full advantage of it.  Don't tell me everything is okay and blow up at me a week later. Talk about it as it happens.

5) Be TJ Shinn. He's the only person who I trust with my heart completely and who knows it's inner workings almost as well as I do. 

Ok, so from the start I knew what #5 was going to be, and I've recognized #1 for a while now, but the other 3 kind of surprised me.  

I know for a fact that my answers would have been different only a few short years ago.  

I feel these are very appropriate answers for the stage of life I'm in at this time (newlywed-ness).  I feel I was very honest in my answers. 

Although, I must admit, it was difficult to stop at 5.  More ideas kept coming to mind as I went (including "Know how to make chocolate chip cookies"), but I stuck to the prompt.  

These are definitely 5 Ways to Win My Heart (including friendship) :)

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