Sunday, May 19, 2013

C.A.P. - 5.19.13 --- Results

Some deals turned out better than expected and some didn't. That's the life of a couponer. You have to be flexible and not give up!

If you just want to see the totals and a picture, scroll to the bottom. If you want the whole breakdown, read below.

Several of the coupons I had intended to use from this week's newspaper were missing. They must have been regional coupons, but it still put a hiccup in my plans this morning.

At Walgreens I had intended to purchase 1 Simple Smoothing Facial Scrub and 1 Simple Facial Wipes along with 4 cans of Pringles, with an estimated OOP (Out of Pocket) cost of $11. I could not find the Pringles coupon in my paper so I only purchased the Simple brand products.

The items were already marked 25% off and I had a coupon to get the scrub for free with the purchase of the wipes. In addition, I earned 2,000 Balance Reward Points, which I can redeem later for $2.00. My OOP cost was $5.76, but with the Points, it was basically $3.76 for $14.48 worth of product!

Here, I had intended to purchase cosmetics from Wet N Wild and Physicians Formula, Coke, and Q-Tips, with an estimated cost of $6. My newspaper was missing the Q-tip coupon, so I didn't purchase those.

The first thing I do every time I walk in CVS is scan my Extra Care card at the Magic Coupon Machine to see what coupons print. I was happily surprised to see that I had earned $5 in Extra Care Bucks for my prescription purchases (you earn points for each prescription filled, and when you get 10 points, you receive $5 in Extra Care Bucks). It also printed my coupon for Coke products.

I purchased a double pack of PF mascara, WNW blush, WNW lipstick, and a 2L Coke. CVS had a promotion for BOGO 50% off on WNW products, so I had to buy two. :)

My total would have been $15.84 (without taxes) but with the combination of sales, CVS coupons, and ECBs, I paid 99 cents (with tax). I also received $7 in ECBs for purchasing the PF mascara. I paid $1 for $15.84 in products, with $7 ECBs in my pocket - I basically got paid $6 to shop at CVS.

My plan was to purchase two packages of fruit snacks, ketchup, shampoo and conditioner, and flip flops for an estimated cost of $6.50. I didn't find the ketchup coupon in my paper, so I didn't purchase it.

I guess I didn't pay enough attention because the flip flops weren't $2; they were buy two for $4, or $2.50 for one pair. I bought one pair and still used the coupon for 50 cent flip flops. TJ wears mine all the time, so I got another pair of black ones.

I grabbed new flavors of fruit snacks and used the mobile coupon, but not the cartwheel offer because it's too difficult to get from one to the other on my phone and people were waiting behind me.

I also used the mobile coupon and a manufacturer coupon on the shampoo and conditioner. The machine wouldn't recognize the mobile coupons, but the cashier was very friendly and entered the discounts manually.

With the combination of manufacturer coupons, online coupons, mobile coupons, discount for using a reusable bag, and my RedCard savings, I only paid $7.10 for $11.86 of products.

All together now:
With my Walgreens Points and CVS Extra Bucks, I spent $4.86 on $42.18 in products.

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