Saturday, May 4, 2013

Finals Week

Guess which one of us isn't allowed to face the TV today, when all homework is due tomorrow by 11:59 pm??

That's! :(  [Note: I left plenty of room to get out the door if there were an emergency ... I'm all about preparedness, you know! I mean, other than homework, of course.)

Also, please take note of the gray S on the wall, which I made in Nebraska with Michelle. I'm going to add yellow flowers and such later. And I'll tell you more about all of the trip, including Do and Don'ts when yarn-wrapping letters (Super Glue is a BAD idea!) on another post. 

Oh, and my guest post for Miss Banana Pants will be up on Monday! There was a glitch in the e-mail I sent so ... yeah, it's a little delayed. I can't wait to share it with you though ... this just builds the suspense a little! :)

Just wanted to say Hi! because I miss you all so much! 

TTYL! Wish me luck!

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