Monday, May 20, 2013

Prayer Journal

You may have seen the above picture floating around on Pinterest. I've clicked the various links and they haven't really lead anywhere. I may have mentioned this before when explaining my break from blogging.

Well, I started using these words to inspire my journaling. I did change a couple of things though.

First, I reversed the two pairs of words to be Pits, Peaks, Prayers and Praises. My motivation behind this was to end my journaling on a positive note.

First I list a couple of pits, or low points, of my day and then the peaks, or high points.

Next, I list my prayer requests followed by praise items. Both of these always include, "Another day with TJ."

My other modification (can I really call it that since I don't know what the original really was?) was to add a fifth 'P' category: Promise. Each day I write out a promise of the Lord from His Word, the Bible.

Oddly enough, this last portion has become my favorite to look back on. I didn't realize how often I turn to the same verses before I began journaling this way.

I have found other benefits of journaling this way as well.
- I don't focus on only my needs, but on my blessings as well.
- I am more likely to journal because I know what is expected of me.
- I can see God's timing by looking back through my entries.
- I am less likely to forget the ways that God has answered my prayers or provided for me before I asked or knew my need, because they are written down.
- My values have been revealed more clearly in what I consider a pit or peak.
- I have a tendency to forget the good things that have happened and only remember the negatives. This way of journaling helps me to prevent this.
- I feel that I am being honest with both myself and God by including both the negatives and positives each day.
- I'm sure many more benefits will be revealed as I continue using this method.

Do you keep a prayer journal?

If so, what benefits have you found in the habit?

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