Monday, May 13, 2013


I've promised this for a while, so here it comes!

I left Oklahoma for Nebraska on Thursday April 25th. It's approximately an 8 hour drive, but I knew that I would make lots of stops so I estimated 10. To keep me company, I brought along Years 2 and 3 of the Harry Potter audiobooks from my local library. I highly recommend them because the narrator does a fantastic job. It kept my attention, without putting me to sleep or distracting me from driving safely. 

The drive was easy, which I was grateful for. There wasn't much traffic at any point and there were plenty of stops along the Kansas highway for me to stretch my legs. I even sent TJ a postcard from the Kansas welcome center - it said Some Bunny in Kansas Loves You :) Of course he didn't get it until this past Friday, but oh well. 

I discovered a new favorite travel food - fruit snacks! I had a box of the Target brand strawberry fruit snacks and only a few baggies made it back to OK. They were so delicious and satisfied my sweet tooth without having to turn to chocolate :) I also drank lots of coffee and even an Amp and a Mountain Dew. Oh, and I had to stop at about half way to take a quick nap in my car, because I couldn't keep my eyes open. But I finally made it to Michelle's house!

I got to meet her precious pets: Piper, Lylah, and Romo. Piper was a little hesitant of me at first, but we became besties by the end of the weekend :)

I'm going to be honest that I don't really remember the order that events happened, mostly because my memory isn't very strong. So I'm just going to tell you everything we did and you can put it in whatever order you want :) 

- We played Lego Harry Potter on her PS3, which I like much more than TJ's xbox360.

- We viggled - check out for more info. I don't feel like explaining it. 

- We went Thrift Store Shopping in the Old part of town, which was so much fun! We each got lots of cool things :) I've already finished reading one of the books I got (review coming on Wednesday) 

- We couponed - which was a learning experience for both of us. 

- We ate sinful burgers - yummy

- Michelle cooked for me so much and it was all so delicious. It was so YUMMY! Seriously, I almost licked my plate. Here's the link to the recipe. Make it tonight! Swiss Chicken Casserole

- We talked make-up and I showed her some of my favorite YouTube beauty gurus. 

- We made pinterest crafts including yarn wrapped wooden letters (way more work than expected, but both turned out so pretty) and home-made coasters. I loved both activities!! I now have a much better idea of what color scheme I want for our future living room (thinking gray and yellow) and I really want to do the coaster thing again, but now with a clearer vision of what I want, if that makes sense. 

- We spent quality time together and invested in our friendship. She truly is one of my closest friends and I hope we stay as close throughout our whole lives. I can't wait to visit her again and I'm already brainstorming the best date for my next trip! :) 

I wish I had pictures to show you, because I took some, I know I did, but I can't find them. They weren't on my camera, because they would be on iPhoto by now and they aren't. And my phone is jacked up and every time I go to my gallery it turns itself off :(  So sorry for now pictures of the beautiful Michelle. 

The time spent there was much too short and I miss her so much already. Luckily she is coming to OK soon and I will see her then! :) 

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