Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Anniversary Celebration: Day 2

Friday 9/28/2012

Friday morning we woke up to our two nephews singing us a beautiful song (see: crying). We spent time with them and their sissy.  TJ and I attempted to put a onesie on Noah.  It was absolutely pathetic how long that took us.

My brother went and got us breakfast from Chiloso's, which is the most delicious place to get breakfast burritos! Yummy!!

My dad came by and visited with us for a little bit.  Miss him so much!

Then, TJ and I decided to visit IKEA.  We hadn't gone down there with any particular plans, but it was much closer than I expected.  As soon as we reached the top of the escalator we saw some friends from church.  They were in Texas for the D6 Conference and were stopping at IKEA on their way back to OK.

We had fun walking around IKEA and playing with all of their set ups.  My favorite was the kitchen section and their interior organizers for corner cabinets.


This Cabinet Carousel (excuse me while I wipe the drool from my face)

We ended up purchasing a kitchen trash can (ours was much too small and didn't have a lid) and an egg slicer (it's used to slice boiled eggs and I eat them on toast for breakfast most mornings). 

We ate lunch at IKEA, which I would never suggest to anyone. The reason it is so cheap is because they don't give you plates or plasticware of any sort!! We ate our pizza off of wax paper, and it tasted like a Totino's frozen pizza.  Oh, and the cinnamon roll was not that good either. Oh well, now we know.

We made the short trip back to my brother's and spent more time with babies.  We ate Popeye's for dinner, which is one of my husband's favorites and there are none in our area, so I was happy for him.  I loved that they gave large portions, but let's just say I don't necessarily miss it here.  

My dad and step-mom came to visit and took us to Braum's for dessert.  It was so nice to visit with them and just share some time together. 

We had been discussing off and on all day whether we wanted to wait until morning or leave that night.  We ultimately decided to leave that evening.  You see, we had anniversary pictures scheduled the following day and didn't want to be too rushed.  I know we should have re-scheduled, but I just didn't think of it at that time.

So we headed back the very next day after we arrived, at about the same time.  It was a much too short trip, but I'm so glad we were able to see everyone again.  Next time we will stay longer and take many more pictures!

Stay tuned for Day 3!

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