Saturday, October 27, 2012

Art a la Carte at Fred Jones Jr Museum

A couple of weeks ago I visited our city's website and scrolled through all the events listed for October.  I picked out the ones I thought were interesting, and free, and added them to our Cozi calendar for review at a later date. 

One of them was Art a la Carte, which is a gathering of various art forms at a local museum, and it's totally free. On this particular night, Friday October 19, 2012, the art forms were live bluegrass music, a screen printing demonstration, and several short films. 

Neither of us had ever been to this museum before. It was so much bigger than I thought it would be! The actual museum portion, with paintings and such, was mesmerizing. I must go back, because we didn't have nearly enough to time to explore it all before the music started.

The band for the night was The Dizzy Pickers of the bluegrass genre. I didn't even attempt to take a picture, because what would that do? And a video? Wouldn't do them justice. But in an attempt, I'll post this youtube video I's vicious compared to the real thing. The woman singing is Tracy Reed, and I have a total girl crush on her voice. 

Next, since we were on campus, we decided to eat at Hideaway Pizza, a delicious little treasure trove of unique pizza concoctions. My husband always gets the same pizza, and I don't like it. I finally convinced him to try something different (and I mean it was literally the first time he had ever deviated from his usual order) and he actually enjoyed it. 

We also tried their Frozen Lemonade Pie for dessert and it was delicious! We're definitely going to get it every time we go from now on. And one piece for each of us, because we're not good at sharing, as you've read before. :) And no picture, because it didn't last very long. 

Oh, here's a funny conversation we had, and I might just be embarrassing myself here, but oh well. Oh, you need to know that TJ's absolute, hands down, favorite dessert in the world is ... key lime pie. 

Ok, so we get the pie and we each take our first bite at the same time. And I say, "It's like key lime pie, but lemon." And it is. But he just starts making fun of me and just keeps saying stuff like, "It's tastes like chocolate. Yes, Kelly, because it's chocolate pie." He can be so mean sometimes, but it makes me laugh. 

Well, that was an impromptu date night (I'm not sure if I used that word correctly), that we both really enjoyed. 

And TJ just wanted to go see The Dark Knight at the dollar movies... LAME!

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