Thursday, October 11, 2012

Anniversary Celebration: Day 3

Saturday 9/29/2012

We woke up to a dreary day and big chance for rain.  Ultimately we all decided (photographer included) that we would have to re-schedule. I was sad, but it was the best decision to make at the time.  Luckily, I had been able to print off two free tickets to the Science Museum for Smithsonian's Day.  TJ was way more excited than I anticipated.

We had a lot of fun there.  I wish I could show you the few pictures we took, but sadly they're on my camera, and I can't find the cord! 

If you ever have a chance to visit there, with or with out children, I highly suggest it. 

We went back to our apartment, packed (we had booked a local hotel for two nights) and got ready to go to dinner at Charleston's. I vaguely remember having gone there twice before; one time included very cheesy potato soup. I was not impressed this time. I'll probably forget this visit as well. Their menu was just so limited and, in my opinion, over priced. Oh well.

Then we headed to our hotel. It was the same hotel we had used for our honeymoon, and we had a great experience then.  Also, it has an indoor pool and hot tub, which I was really looking forward to using. 

So we check in to the hotel and head up to our room.  I'm the first one through the door and I started laughing because there were TWO BEDS!! I'm not sure where the error was made, but we some how booked two beds for our anniversary celebration! Oh my, we had a good laugh about that. 

Well, we started reminiscing about our first year of marriage, and odd or sad as this may be, neither of us remember much. I don't think its for a lack of things happening, but because so much has happened that we can't remember them all. This only served to remind me that we should be more intentional about recording our second and following years of marriage somewhere.  And here it shall be! :)

After we settled in an unpacked, we watched our wedding video for the VERY FIRST TIME! I'm so glad we waited a year because it almost seemed new. I also loved getting to see my brother-in-law John dance down the aisle as our ring bearer for the first time! :) Our video was edited beautifully, and I loved hearing our vows again and just re-experiencing this whole thing. I loved that what our pastor told us at the altar was true a year later. I plan on watching it every year for our anniversary to remind us what we promised to each other.

And then, we watched our reception video. We had no idea TJ's friends were going to do this, but they set up an area in our reception venue where our guests could leave us video messages. And they were completely UNEDITED! This just made it much more fun to watch. We teared up and laughed and enjoyed being reminded how much we are loved and supported in this marriage. Just such a blessing to us.

We went to sleep that night knowing we are blessed beyond what we deserve.

Tomorrow I'll tell you all about Day 4!!

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