Friday, October 26, 2012

His and Hers

I won't speak for all marriages, but I have found that there is a fine balance between what you share in marriage and what you don't. And I find that very interesting. I didn't expect that.

We share a bathroom sink, but we don't share toothpaste.
I don't like his toothpaste.

We share a bed, but we don't share blankets. 
And not because one of us is a blanket stealer, but because we like different blankets. I want a very heavy blanket and TJ wants a light sheet.

We share a bedroom, but we don't share closets. 
That's right. We moved into a two bedroom apartment and turned one into a office. It happens to have a large closet. So that is where my clothes live.

We share a future, but we don't share a past. 
We have to learn, all the time, where the other one is coming from. Our pasts still affect us now, but we're learning. There are even things we don't want to know or we won't share. And that's okay. The TJ of the past isn't the same as the man I married. This Kelly I am now, is not the same I was before. We have no rights to the person the other used to be.

We share responsibility for the home, but we don't share chores.
There is such a thing as "too many cooks in the kitchen." Literally. Especially if it's a small kitchen.

We share our time, but we don't necessarily share every interest.
We both spend time doing something we don't really like or enjoy, because the other one does. And we don't complain. No need ruining the fun for the other one.

Well I just wanted to share this with you (HA! See what I did there? share...), whoever you may be. You may not share everything with your spouse. And maybe I have over-shared. Oh well.

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