Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Halloween Mad Libs - TJ

This may become a new family tradition for us. It was just some silly fun :) I tried to type this in such a way that it shows what type of word he was suppose to come up with, so it might look kind of crazy on a mobile device. Just a warning.

So here's TJ's Halloween Mad Lib

_Lovers___ and _Fighters__ come out tonight!
 (persons)              (persons)

It's _Christmas_ and they are ready to _Jump__.
      (holiday)                                             (verb)

So watch your _Keys___ when _Pulling_ or treating,
                          (nouns)              (verb)

they want your _Watermelon_!


_Olympians_ like pumpkins and

_Fire-twirlers_ like _Green Beans__.
(persons)                  (vegetables)

While _Opening__ on doors for all your _Televisions_,
            (verb/ing)                                         (plural noun) 

watch the house down the _Mississippi__.


It's scary with _Lion___ webs and broken _Controllers__.
                         (animal)                                    (noun)

_Yay!____, it's where the _Fans___ and _Tires___ live!
(exclamation)                      (noun)              (noun)

_Count_ home and hide those _Corn___ !
(verb)                                        (vegetables)

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