Saturday, October 13, 2012

Anniversary Celebration: Day 5

Monday 10/1/2012

Our actual anniversary was the day we spent the least time devoted to it.  

We checked out of our hotel after watching some more HGTV, which we watched a lot of that weekend. I blame my brother for recommending it while we were there.  We discovered that we both love the Property Brothers. 

We arrived at our clean apartment. I have this thing about cleaning the house before we go on a trip so that we don't have to deal with a messy home and unpacking, which is always disorganized.

We spent the rest of the day preparing for the upcoming week including normal adult activities, like budgeting and meal planning. 

I guess we can't stay in our own little world of happy celebration forever. 

Looking forward to what this next year has in store for us. :)

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