Monday, October 15, 2012

One Year Anniversary: What I Would Do Differently and What I Wouldn't Change

What I would do differently: I want to write this out because we had some great ideas that just fell by the wayside and were forgotten.  I really want to do them next time, but I just know I'll forget about them by next year.

1) TAKE MORE PICTURES!! The lack of pictures we have from our One Year Anniversary Celebration is absolutely pathetic.

2) Wear my wedding jewelry (and shoes). I had intended to wear my wedding jewelry (and shoes) to our dinner, but forgot. :(

3) Drink from our wedding flutes. I had also intended to drink all weekend from our wedding flutes, but forgot. I don't really care what is in the flutes, because everything tastes better out of wedding flutes.  And I think it would make for some very cute pictures for us to be drinking soda or water from them.

4) Take pictures at the Harbor. It's where TJ proposed. :)

5) Listen to the song TJ proposed with. We need to get that recorded.

What I hope to do again: I so enjoyed our weekend, I don't want to forget those thing either.

1) Watch our wedding videos.

2) Be flexible and don't schedule every minute. We had nothing planned for Sunday and it worked out very well.

3) Plan ahead and use Groupons. We did have a couple of things we wanted to do (like visit the museums) and got to do them at great prices, which meant we got to do more of other things.

4) Eat at some favorite places and some new places.

5) Spend the time together and focus on each other. Leave other obligations and worries behind.

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