Monday, October 22, 2012

Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze

Saturday 10/13/12

We started the morning with some exploration of our own town. There is a small store that I have passed several times and I've always wanted to visit, but haven't had the chance. It's called Foxy's Funky Art Boutique. Well, it turned out to be a house that someone has filled with all these wonderful treasures. We both found some interesting things, but didn't end up purchasing any, but I can't stop thinking about this set of cloth napkins I saw. I might have to pay Foxy another visit. 

We got back home just in time for the Red River Rivalry game between OU and Texas. I have no interest in it so I used my two promo codes for free rentals from Redbox (two because I've signed up with two e-mail addresses and free because it was my birthday). I chose the first two movies I saw that piqued my interest: 

Big Miracle was a very touching story. It was set in a time before cell phones, and I really got a kick out of seeing all of the large, bulky corded phones and lack of computers. I laughed and cheered and cried. I also really enjoyed the footage of the real people that they showed at the end of the film. 

Just like the title implies, this film was lo-o-o-ng. I did appreciate that it was not very predictable like most romantic comedies. I wish it had focused on the other couple though: Alex and Suzie played by Chris Pratt (from Parks and Recreation) and Alison Brie (from Community). They were hilarious!

TJ enjoyed the OU/TX game until it stopped. For some reason that has not been explained, the TV channel just went blank. TJ got the final score from the internet and we left to go on another adventure. We were trying to beat the storms that were predicted to hit soon and be severe. We were going to a Pumpkin Patch, my first ever! And a Corn Maze!! These were both on our Fall Fun List if you remember. :)


This is the TG Farms Pumpkin Patch in Norman, OK.

How cute is this sign? Just had to get our pictures next to it!

He's so cute!

Next we fed the animals: cows, ponies, goats, and piggies!

This is us starting the corn maze! We stayed together the entire time or I definitely would never have found my way out. Every time we came to a fork in the maze TJ would only go where I said to. I know that he knew the way out (he never seems to get lost), but when I told him he should pick, he said "But doing it your way will be so much more fun" with his sly smile. Oh, I love him. 

Here was the well stocked pumpkin patch. Looks a little slim from this angle though. 

And this is the tricycle track that is set up for the children. The tricycles are John Deere! How cute is that1? We headed to the car just as the first drops fell, perfect timing!

On our way home we stopped at the local Blockbuster (remember those?) and rented scary movies! Another thing on the list! I wanted to rent movies that wouldn't actually scare me like The Nightmare Before Christmas (who am I kidding? The boogey man totally scares me!) or Hocus Pocus (SJP pre-SATC...terrifying!). We ended up with TJ's choices: Paranormal Activity 1 and 2. Tj watched them and I merely sat in the same room and played on the computer. We both ended up horrified, of course. So then we watched the Pebble and the Penguin to alleviate the fear. 

So that was our weekend! 

Our anniversary revealed to us that we needed to be more intentional and purposeful in making memories, and we've started immediately! So excited for our life together!

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