Friday, October 19, 2012

One Year Anniversary Pictures

On October 6, 2012 my husband and I met our photographer, JB Photography on campus at the University of Oklahoma. It was such an enjoyable experience, and I hope we get to take pictures with her again! :) You should definitely check her out if you live in the Moore/Norman/OKC area.

My husband didn't even realize we had been out there so long, which is saying something, because that man hates having his picture taken. 

Also, we had great communication through Pinterest. I created a Pinterest board dedicated to anniversary picture ideas and she followed it. She knew what style I liked and basically everything I wanted. Love it!

Well here are some of my favorites, and it was so hard to pick so few. 

We had taken a few pictures of us holding the letters in our laps, and I couldn't help but put them on my head. I love how the pictures turned out! It's so us!

The picture above took so much work to get, because the balloon kept blowing every where, but it meant so much to me that our photographer never gave up and kept working with us to get it. My plan is to use red, heart shaped balloons in every Anniversary shoot we do. The number of balloons will match the number of years we've been married. I have this vision of us all old and wrinkly surrounded by fifty red, heart shaped balloons. :)

Our photographer was a GENIUS and had us hold an empty chalkboard so she could write whatever we wanted with her photo editing software. I asked her to use the word Always, because it references Harry Potter. TJ, I love you like Snape loved Lily! :)

The end of our pictures, but the beginning of year two! :)

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