Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Library Book Sale

Monday October 22, 2012

This was the last day of our local library's annual book sale. I have never gone to this particular one before, but have been to the OK state library book sale once. I had a vague memory of what to expect. 

I waited until the last day to go because it was Bag Day, meaning that you purchased a brown paper sack for $5 and whatever you could fit inside was yours. No need to pay full price for anything, in my opinion. :)

So I went with an intention to bring home some audio books or some black and white movies (I love them!) Instead I came home with several books about prayer, some old classics (including the first book that A.A. Milne wrote that includes Winnie the Pooh), and some books with awesome covers that I intend to turn into journals. How will I do that? I don't know yet. I just know it can be done. So let's just add that to my mile long list of crafts I want to do. 

I did get one audiobook by Deepak Chopra. But old black and white movies? Well, I had envisioned DVDs, but all they had for sale were VHS. I'm not all about buying stuff we can't watch easily, so I wasn't going to get anything... and then I saw it. Yours, Mine and Ours - the original, with Lucille Ball!! I was so excited!!

I checked out and decided to explore the library. Updated my library card to my married name, so I guess I'm officially a Shinn now, lol. Also checked out a few magazines (totally didn't know you could do that) and joined a book club! I've never been in one before so I'm nervous/excited to see how it turns out. I'll let you know in about a month, when they meet again. 

When I was all library-ed out, I went home, and asked TJ to hook up the VHS player so we could watch my new-to-me movie. I thought it was hilarious and enjoyed it, but he didn't so much. 

Oh, and I have to tell you how sweet he is! We had arranged for him to grab a pizza on his way home from work because I went straight to the library after work and I knew I wouldn't be home in time to make dinner. Anyway, I come home and open the pizza box...he had left the edge pieces of the cheesy bread for me (they're my favorite parts!) How sweet is he? :)

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