Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Fall Fun List - UPDATE

Remember that Fall Fun List I showed you a while back?

Well, maybe this will jog your memory. :)

Eat S'mores - CHECK

It's s'more bark! Delish!!

Corn Maze - CHECK

Donate Canned Good to Charity - no check :(

IDK what happened, really. I mean, we have the canned goods here; they just never made it to their. So basically what I'm saying is, we didn't do it. :(

Trunk or Treat - Semi CHECK

Ok, so we didn't do a trunk or treat, per se, because TJ wasn't feeling well, but we did take Emi to the zoo, and I'm gonna say that counts! :)

Pumpkin Patch - CHECK

Outdoor Photoshoot - CHECK

Watch Halloween Movies - CHECK

Bake Autumn Cookies - no check :(

I don't think I should have put two desserts on one list, but oh well. 

So that's all for Halloween season. On to Thanksgiving and CHRISTMAS! :) 

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