Friday, November 16, 2012

Giving Thanks - Day 16

I'm thankful for Harry Potter. These books addressed so many deep issues: good vs evil, self-love vs altruism, love vs hate, power vs equality, etc. They are my favorite series to read and my favorite movies to watch (although the books are better, of course.)

I know that the setting is that of a school for witchcraft and wizardry, but that's only the backdrop, the minute details, the fantasy, on which the larger story is presented. These books really helped me as a young teen to begin pondering the more important things other than what boy I should date or who was talking about me behind my back. I think its a very important series that every teen and young adult should read, and parents too! This series could be used to open a dialogue to discuss future decisions that must be made: does love really triumph over evil, why is Voldemort evil, was Snape evil and why or why not; what kind of a role model is Hermione for young girls (the BEST), what do you think of Draco's attitude, what kind of friendship do Ron, Hermione and Harry have - is it healthy [...]? I could go on, but I'll stop myself.

I don't judge anyone who chooses not to read these, or chooses not to allow their children to read them. You are simply choosing what is best for you and for your children, and I support you in that; you know yourself and your children much better than I ever will.

Thank you for listening to my opinion though.

If you're a teen or child who's parents have asked or told you not to read these, please respect their decision and DON'T read it. If you feel very strongly, ask them again, with respect and a heart prepared to obey, not argue.

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