Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Taking the Month Off - What - Continued

In Monday's post I discussed why I'm taking the month of December off.

In Tuesday's post I shared what I'll be doing with all my extra time. Well, started to. I spoke specifically about Bible Reading and Prayer.

Now, I want to talk about Bible Memorization and Journaling.

Bible Memorization

Another tool I found in the Bible with the 30 day reading plan I'm gong to use is a list of emotions and verses to read when you feel that way. It included anger, envy, sadness, anxiety, etc. We all feel these various emotions throughout life, so I decided that this would be a very useful list of verses to memorize. I've decided to read each set of verses for each emotion and to memorize at least one. I'm definitely looking forward to adding these to my arsenal for use when my emotions become overwhelming.


We've all seen this pic on Pinterest, but if you've clicked on it, you'll find that it doesn't really lead anywhere, or to any instruction.

I've decided to use it anyway. Each day I will record at least one of each: the peaks and pits of my day, praises of Him, and prayer requests. I think this will help more clearly direct my journaling and make it easier for me to look back on in the future. I can't wait to see how God works through this, showing me how He provides for me and hears my pleas. 

Tomorrow is Throw Up Thursday, and on Friday I will conclude this series by discussing Worship and Fasting. Saturday will be a Weekly Wrap Up and also the first day of my Month Off. :) Getting more nervous and excited as it draws closer. Eeek!

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